G&A S.p.A. was founded by the collaboration of 2 businesses that decided to combine their respective expertise dating from after the First World War.

The company employs over 700 people, including drivers and office workers.

The activities are carried out with over 500 tractor units and motor vehicles and nearly 700 of its own semi-trailers.

G&A operates in the transportation of white and black oils with bitumen and fuel oil in general and, in recent years, has appeared in the chemical industry.

The company is currently one of Italy’s main haulers in its sector of operation, but is also active across the border (France, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary and Austria).

The registered and administrative office of G&A S.p.A. is located 500 metres from the Castelnuovo Scrivia motorway tollbooth on the A7 Milan-Genoa motorway. It covers around 50,000 square metres including administrative offices, HGV washing areas, a testing and MOT centre, a mechanical workshop, vehicle refuelling points, a tyre shop and a vehicle park with over 100 spaces.